Yovedic’s First Retreat!

Conglobo Retreat
Dates: October 18th-22nd 2018

A relaxing and revitalising 3 day, 4 night yoga retreat held at Conglobo. Two double decker buses turned into a unique living space, walking distance from the beach.

The retreat took place in a small town in Portugal called Figueira. A little village called Budens away from the tourist hotspots, where one can relax by the beach, hike mountains, explore the local villages and enjoy the views.

Immersing yourself in yoga and meditation, exploring the local hiking trails, learning some unique vegan recipes with our vegan chef and relieve stress with Ayurveda massages and Reiki sessions. This was a unique retreat with lots to do but still plenty of free time to unwind and enjoy some me time.  


What was included

  • 4 nights accommodation

  • 11 tasty vegan meals

  • 2 x Daily yoga classes

  • Vegan cooking class

  • Ayurvedic massage

  • Reiki session

  • Meditation workshop

  • Group mountain hike & beach picnic

  • Towels & linen

  • Yoga mats, blocks, straps and blankets