Two classes are taught each day by our instructor Laura. Our yoga classes are suitable for beginners as well as the more advanced, so do not worry if you do not have a lot of experience in Yoga. Laura will run through sequences where each pose will have a beginners pose and then further extensions to create a more advanced pose. Please do so if this is desired and sit wherever is most comfortable for you.

We will wake up with earth’s natural rhythm at our Sunrise morning classes. These classes will start in a beginners style’s and then move onto a slow vinyasa flow as the retreat goes on. The poses will be held for longer using a mixture of restorative, hatha and astanga asanas. This will also include Pranayama and meditation to wake up the mind, body and soul and get you ready to start your day.

Your evening classes will be a more fasted paced vinyasa flow, using poses from astanga and hatha yoga. Connecting each asana with breath. One evening class will consist of partnership yoga. The word yoga means Union in sanskrit, that is exactly what partnership yoga aims to achieve - bringing together two people. It's helps for building stronger communication, create and nurture trust, strength and will bring a sense of laughter and joy.

We will also cover yoga philosophy. Yoga is not just an exercise, it is a way of life and is designed to help us learn about who we are along the way, transforming oneself into a happier healthier person, rooting out negatively and replacing it with love and kindness. We will also hold a meditation workshop to introduce you to techniques to help you put together your own practise at home.


Bringing together a plant based vegan diet with Ayurvedic principles we will be serving you with 3 delicious sattvic meals each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our ingredients will be fresh, in season and locally sourced. Each meal will be cooked by our amazing Vegan Chef Hunni who has a true gift of bringing amazing flavours together whilst healing your bodies. We will also be holding a vegan cooking workshops so you can introduce a more healthier diet at home.


Over the retreat guest’s will follow an Ayurvedic detox plan. This will be presented to them on the Ayurvedic workshop by our Ayurvedic practitioner and therapist Halana. Halana will explain the process and guide guests through there detox. The sattvic diet, Yoga classes and Ayurvedic massage treatment will support the detox further throughout the retreat. This should mean once we bid our farewells all toxin’s will be removed from your bodies and you can go home feeling revitalised. It doesn’t stop there. We will also be holding an Ayurvedic workshop where we will explore Ayurveda and find out your own individual dosha’s. You will then receive an Ayurvedic plan to take home with your own personalised diet, yoga, meditation and lifestyle advice.


AYURVEDIC MARMA MASSAGE - Each guest will receive a Marma therapy Massage. This is a fantastic treatment that is relaxing yet stimulating. We start with a full body massage using warm medicated oil to nourish deeper inside the body. The Marma points (energy points) are then worked on to firstly remove toxin’s or blockages from this area to then be filled with Prana (life force) to stimulate the bodies functions. Guests will be left feeling relaxed yet revitalised and more balanced.

REIKI - Each guest will receive a Reiki session to balance out there chakra’s, get rid of blockages and shift there consciousness. This treatment will connect you on a deeper level and can be a very powerful treatment.

There will be several workshops held over the retreat as well as enough free time for guests to relax and unwind. Guests will benefit from a personal ayurvedic tea workshop where they will find out what tea blends work in harmony for them. A vegan cookery workshop will take place where guests can make there own lunch assisted by our head chef Hunni. Here guests will gain tips and recipe suggestions that they can take home to life a more sattvic & vegan lifestyle. Guests will also be taken on a guided local walk of beautiful surroundings of the Kasbah. Here guests can enjoy the amazing views of atlas mountains and explore the sand dunes. On our last evening we have invited a traditional Moroccan band with dancers to finish off what we hope will be an amazing retreat. We will be cooked a delicious vegan Moroccan feast for all of us to enjoy. In the free time guests can explore the kasbah and local area’s or enjoy a dip in the kasbah’s private swimming pool.


We have 7 en-suite twin bedrooms in the Kasbah. All room’s will be shared with 1 fellow retreater , this is an a great way to make new connections. Each individual will have their own bed & be paired with the same gender. If you are booking with a friend or group please do specify there name(s) in the ‘Additional information’ in the booking details and we will accommodate you together. All bedding, linen and yoga equipment is provided.

We are very excited to see you at the Kasbah. Lets create some magic :)